Making Bristol better for cycling


To achieve Cycling for All, we need Space for Cycling routes, linking together Liveable Neighbourhoods. This needs political will and leadership. We work to influence the Bristol Mayor, the WECA Mayor, local councils, councillors, officers, businesses and community groups by setting out an ambitious vision, and building support for change. 

Cycling in Bristol is quick, cheap and improves people’s health 

Why don’t more people do it?

Shifting from cars to bikes cuts congestion and is pollution-free

Why is investment so low?

Leading European cities make it easy to cycle

Where is the cycling network for Bristol?

We are strong supporters of CyclingWorks Bristol, a group of organisations supporting better cycling infrastructure in Bristol to enable their staff to travel safely to work by bike 

2021  We set out cycling manifestos for main candidates for Bristol Mayor, and for main candidates for West of England ‘Metro’ Mayor. We also asked questions of the candidates for Police and Crime Commissioner

2017  We had statements of support for our Bristol Cycling Manifesto from all main candidates for West of England ‘Metro’ Mayor, including from Tim Bowles who was elected. Now to hold him to account.

2016  Nearly 2/3 of elected councillors gave statements of support for our Bristol Cycling Manifesto, including the innovative Space for Cycling 2016 ward map. We also had support from the Bristol Mayor candidates including Marvin Rees who was elected.

2013  We produced a concise cycling strategy for Greater Bristol, including 200 miles of cycling ‘freeways’ (protected from traffic) and ‘quietways’.

Cycling Manifesto posts (click for full list)

  • Summary of our 2021 survey

    Summary of our 2021 survey

    Bristol Cycling Campaign’s annual cycling survey received its best ever response with over 1,200 people participating. The results show that concerns about road safety & collisions are the biggest deterrent to using their bike more. Not surprisingly, the majority (82%) said that protected bike lanes on main roads would encourage them a lot to cycle more, as with last year (What we learned from our 2020 supporter survey). It’s clear to us that if the

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  • Can we make cycling boring?

    Can we make cycling boring?

    by Dulce Pedroso. Like many of us, Bristol Cycling member Dulce Pedroso envisions a version of Bristol where cycling is everywhere. So prevalent, in fact, that talking about cycling as a mode of transport becomes so commonplace that it’s (almost) boring. A city where everyone and their grandma cycles and no one calls you ‘brave’ for cycling the morning commute. In her quest to help make that happen, Dulce is running for election onto Cycling

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  • The Summer of Cycling and Walking

    The Summer of Cycling and Walking

    Friday 30th July was a bumper day for announcements and publications from the Department for Transport relating to cycling, to kick of its 'Summer of Cycling and Walking' campaign. In this article we attempt to simplify each one for you, and understand how they are relevant to us here in Bristol. £338 million package to further fuel active travel boom The active travel boom seen throughout the pandemic will continue to thrive thanks to a

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  • Our challenges for the new Cabinet Member for Transport in Bristol

    Our challenges for the new Cabinet Member for Transport in Bristol

    This article was first published on Congratulations to Don Alexander, who has just taken on the role of Cabinet Member for Transport. This is an important position given the impact our city’s transport challenges have on the lives of residents across the city. Getting the balance right between giving hope and managing expectations will be a key challenge as we start an important period for cycling. We take a look at Don’s ‘in-tray’ and

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  • Bicycle Mayor for Bristol is announced

    Bicycle Mayor for Bristol is announced

    Bristol now has a Bicycle Mayor to accelerate the city’s approach to cycling. Leah DeHaan joins an international network of change-makers to accelerate the adoption of cycling. Leah joins an influential network of independent city leaders that is now active on every continent, all working to make their cities more human-centric and fit for the future. Passionate about cycling and creating a more liveable city, Leah takes up this voluntary role beside her job as

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  • What do Metro Mayor candidates say about cycling?

    What do Metro Mayor candidates say about cycling?

    There are elections on May 6th for the regional West of England Mayor, the Bristol Mayor, and many local councillors. We've met most of the mayoral candidates to discuss our Cycling Manifesto for West of England, and Cycling Manifesto for Bristol. Here are the responses to our challenges from the main candidates for WECA Mayor (and here for Bristol Mayor). We use their own words where provided, or our understanding from meeting them. These are

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  • Responses from candidates to our Bristol Mayor cycling manifesto

    Responses from candidates to our Bristol Mayor cycling manifesto

    We've challenged the main candidates for Bristol Mayor to commit to measures that will double cycling rates in Bristol by 2024. Below we list the responses we've had from the candidates to the five challenges in our cycling manifesto for the Bristol Mayor (and here for WECA Mayor cycling manifesto). Start implementing the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), incorporating the improvements suggested by the Campaign, with three key strategic routes completed by 2024 Implement a

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  • Police and Crime Commissioner elections 2021

    Police and Crime Commissioner elections 2021

    At the same time as the elections for the Mayor and Councillors, there’s an election for a new Police and Crime Commissioner. He or she will be responsible for overseeing the performance of Avon and Somerset Police who are in charge of enforcing traffic laws on our roads. We’ve asked each of the five candidates their views on: Tackling the high number of cyclng casualties on Bristol’s roads The low level of enforcement action against

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