Cycling is great for Bristol
Let's make Bristol great for cycling

We speak up for cycling locally, city-wide, and nationally. We lobby. We get involved in consultations. We promote the evidence. We call out the failures. You can help!

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What We Do

Cycling is great for Bristol – we campaign to make Bristol better for cycling

Our Goals

Space for cycling – safe high quality routes, everywhere. Liveable Neighbourhoods where people live, play and study. Fair treatment for cycling in justice, design & funding. Political leadership to deliver ambitious change

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Our Solution

We speak up for cycling across the Greater Bristol region. We lobby. We get involved in consultations. We promote the evidence. We call out the failures. We celebrate Bristol’s vibrant cycling culture. You can help!

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Your Support

Numbers make us stronger and safer. Whether cycling on the streets or campaigning for change, more is better. You can add your voice to those of thousands of others. Support Bristol Cycling!

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About Bristol Cycling Campaign

We are a membership group entirely run by volunteers and supporters. Since 1992 we’ve been working to promote and create a vibrant and inclusive cycling culture. We put forward positive policy ideas and press for investment. Bristol Cycling Campaign is for all those who want to see a future where cycling in Bristol and the surrounding areas is so easy that everyone does it – our communities will be happier, healthier, and greener.

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Top issues

Liveable Neighbourhoods

Donate of Goal

Things are really moving with Liveable Neighbourhoods in Bristol. We’ve long campaigned for these where people live, play and study (they are also known as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods or LTNs). We’re strong supporters of Liveable Neighbourhoods for Bristol, the campaign for streets for locals,…

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North-South bus/cycle route

Donate of Goal

Bristol City Council and the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) planning major changes on the no 2 bus route, including for cycling. This is a major north-south route taking in many of the most heavily used, and most hostile, cycling…

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Cycle Hangers

Donate of Goal

Bike hangars are a great way to provide secure bike storage but with only 15 in Bristol, there’s a long way to go to meet the growing demand. Read more…

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Our main focus is not on those who do cycle, but on the many more who don’t consider it safe or possible for them

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Latest News

Do you Cycle on the Portway?

There’s a major Consultation on this stunning gorge and key transport corridor. If you can do just one thing to improve cycling in Bristol…

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Meeting with Bristol Mayor – 8th June

Following an informal conversation between the Mayor and our new Chairperson at the Zedify cargo hub launch event in April, the Mayor kindly agreed…

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Bristol Walking and Cycling Index 2021 – highlights

In case you needed any convincing of the scale of both the challenge and opportunity for cycling in Bristol, Sustrans have released their forth Bike…

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Our Partners

We work closely with many other groups and organisations