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    Find out all the cycling news around Greater Bristol, and what we're doing to make things better for cycling.

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    Bristol Cycling Campaign is the voice of cycling, speaking out for those who cycle and for those who'd like to.

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    Most weeks there are rides exploring the city and our lovely surroundings, there's usually a theme and a leisurely pace.

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    It's not just about protected Space for Cycling, local changes matter along with support from police and councils.

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  • 1 2016 AGM and meetup - a year of achievement
  • 2 Happy Maps - Cycling UK takes BCyC approach national
  • 3 Boris Bikes for Bristol? Mayor Marvin Rees looking at London-style cycle hire | Bristol Post
  • 4 Cafes list - top tips for day rides
  • 5 Job description for walking & cycling czar - Get Britain Cycling
  • 6 Bristol Cycling Campaign Rides
  • 2016 AGM and meetup - a year of achievement

    As with all campaigns, it's easy to forget to take time to recognise what's actually been achieved. In the past year a lot has happened, not the least of which is that our Space for Cycling campaign won the May elections ! At our September meetup and AGM  on Weds 28th September we'll be celebrating our successes and looking forward. Everyone is warmly welcomed. This year our big campaign was around the May elections. We put forward three Space for Cycling manifestos, for  Bristol Mayor , for councillors , and for the Police and Crime Commissioner . A special website was set up and hundreds of people helped get statements of support from all the main candidates for Mayor and PCC, and from 40% of council candidates. Fully 64%
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  • Happy Maps - Cycling UK takes BCyC approach national

    We're very pleased that Cycling UK is aiming to help other campaign groups follow the approach of Bristol Cycling Campaign in our Space for Cycling work. Specifically using the 'Tube Map' we developed as a compelling vision of what the Bristol Cycling Network should be. We'll be sharing our experience at the Cycling UK annual Get Together on 8th October in Manchester. Read the blog by Tom Guha, with information about the Space for Cycling roadshows, including Bristol on 10th December. Source: Happy Maps - Help your council make Space for Cycling | Cycling UK
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  • Boris Bikes for Bristol? Mayor Marvin Rees looking at London-style cycle hire | Bristol Post

    Does Bristol need a cycle share scheme? Apparently this is something that Mayor Marvin Rees is discussing with his transport supremo, Mark Bradshaw. We'll be wanting to discuss the issue when Bristol Cycling Campaign meets Mark shortly. Source: Boris Bikes for Bristol? Mayor Marvin Rees looking at London-style cycle hire | Bristol Post There are good arguments that such schemes can be successful, but also much to learn from other cities and studies ( here and here ). For example, here are some points from a 2015 study from the Centre for Transport & Society at University of the West of England ( Bike Sharing: A review of evidence on impacts and processes of implementation and operation )
    The growing yet limited evidence base suggests that bike sharing can increase cycling levels
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  • Cafes list - top tips for day rides

    We are often asked for our tips on good local cafés to visit for day rides out of Bristol, and so we have put together this little list of ten favourites from members’ suggestions. They make ideal rides out if you are looking for a short or long adventure on the saddle. We suggest checking they are open beforehand and using   Cyclestreets.net , our favourite route planner, or Google to determine your best route. In no particular order, here are some of Bristol Cycling’s suggested favourite cafés to visit:

    The Connies, Timsbury

    The Square, Timsbury, Bath BA2 0HY Distance from Bristol centre: 13 miles w:   theconnies.co.uk e: theconniestearoom@live.co.uk t: 01761 568451 Delightful tea rooms serving light meals too. Timsbury is a pleasant ride out, ideal for getting out
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  • Job description for walking & cycling czar - Get Britain Cycling

    So, this is the replacement for Andrew Gillingham. The model has served London well and made a really significant change to the way cycling is viewed in the rest of the country as well.  This role is one we have been calling for since our Bristol Cycling Manifesto in 2013, and again in our Space for Cycling Manifesto for the 2016 elections. With a coming 'metro mayor' and sustained transport funding across 3 of the 4 local authorities maybe it time to look at this again to drive through the MetroCycle programme (if and when that emerges).
    London mayor Sadiq Khan’s office has published the job description for the mayor’s walking and cycling commissioner. The three-day-a-week post will attract a salary of up to £58,000.
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  • Bristol Cycling Campaign Rides

    When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Scientific American, 1896

    BCyC rides are open to all types of cyclist, young and old, athletic or disabled, from slow urbanites to fast racers. We are sociable folk, and always welcome new members and old faces alike. We often run shorter Rides under our Discover Bristol theme that are gentle paced so that the whole family can enjoy exploring our fair City.

    Would you like to discover a little of Bristol’s colourful past, or learn of its longer term
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  • South Gloucestershire Draft Cycle Strategy - our response
  • A Modest Proposal #5: The Bear Pit / St James Barton Roundabout
  • Joint Spatial Plan and Joint Transport Study - our response
  • New website for Bristol Cycling Campaign
A lot of useful work has gone in to this draft strategy which follows on from the publication last year of the Bristol Cycle Strategy. As with all general plans Read More
St James Barton roundabout remains among the worst in Bristol for cyclists. This is despite the sterling work of The Bearpit Improvement Group and the recently completed £1million scheme to provde a route around the Read More
These two major strategic plans will shape some profound changes to our city and towns over the coming years. The four West of England councils (Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Read More
We've updated our website. We hope it's easier to use and find the information you need to be part of making Bristol better for cycling. All the information is still Read More

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